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More innovative production processes
Powder coating evenly adsorbed by electrostatic spraying in environmental MDF surface, the MWIR cured to form a stable and dense powder coating. Production process without solvent, non-volatile, non-polluting, the human body without harm, real safety and environmental protection.
High strength and more durable
The most outstanding powder coating protective layer is a high strength, wear resistance not only to give the furniture, scratch resistance, impact resistance, acid and other excellent performance, the other can make furniture with flame retardant, antibacterial effect, for the furniture surface offer performance protection.
More design sense
Powder coating so that the furniture once the overall shape of complex shaped workpieces spraying good effect, can easily solve the problem of corner treatment, modeling casual, so furniture design flexibility quite dynamic.
Powder coating color can be made into a variety of effects of wood, metal, flat, high light, sand grain, wrinkles, so that office furniture look more rich, fun, relaxed, comfortable, and perfect color combination with environmental protection.
Furniture formaldehyde zero volatile
By powder coating furniture formaldehyde emission is almost zero, no heavy metals, but also with a sense of design, taking into account environmental protection and design.
Applicable Products
>> Metal Furniture
Metal furniture is one of the major markets powder coatings. Home office furniture, school furniture, home furniture and so can be powder coating from the outdoor patio entertainment furniture, its excellent durability and corrosion resistance makes it ideal for powder coating painting outdoor products.
>> Wood Furniture
Time proved for many years in the field of metal coating, powder coating with excellent advantage in terms of surface coating, coating technology with innovative, powder coatings applied gradually extended to wood, glass, plastic and other heat-sensitive, temperature-sensitive and semi-insulating material field, the use of more environmentally friendly powder coating instead of solvent-based paint is the inevitable trend of development.
>> Glass Cement Products
Glass made of metallic materials, spray powder coating on the glass adhesion and abrasion performance is most issues to be addressed, letter by powder application technology innovation, to provide powder coatings manufacturers, glass cementitious applied indoor and outdoor products, such as glass cement furniture, bottles, glass partitions and other products.
>> Furniture Parts
The quality furniture handle parts, pulleys, etc. directly affect the feelings of the furniture used, letter by powder attention to detail, to provide better solutions for painting furniture parts, durable at the same time, a variety of surface effects make furniture because its icing on the cake.